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Quality control

Quality assurance system by equipmets such as 100% visual checking machine.
POP ( Point of Production) system to manage all the informaion occurring at the production site.
Certifited in ISO14001, ISO9001, TS16949 for better maintaining of management

【 100% Visual Checking Machine 】

Visual checking system is installed to identify products and check apperance of products by 100% implementatiom. It becomes possible to assure hi-quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

【 Some Measurement Equipments Devices at Komatsuseiki 】

Non-contact surface profiler
(ZYGO Unired States) Non-contact profile measurement by interference fringes.

Optical form and roughness measurement machine
(Alicona Austria) Non-contact optical 3D micro coordinate measuring equipment. Capable of 3 dimensional measuring of nano leveled surface.

roundness measuring device
(TALYROND Great Britain) High-end measuring device for circularity, concentricity, coaxiality, perpendicity, etc.

Scanning Electron Microscope
(PHILIPS Netherlands) Investigatation of the properties and compositions possible with high resolution surface inspection by X-ray as well as Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis (EDX).

Non-contact three dimension measuring device
(OGP United States) Non-contact measuring device for dimensional and profile measurement.

【 Production Control 】

Stable and flexible production control:
  Visualization of manufacturing capacity
  Production schedule according to the process method
  Visibility of “What,” “Where,” and “How many.”
  Delivery according to customer needs

We, at Komatsu Seiki Kosakusho, have constructed a flexible production system to meet customer needs and supply responsibility while maintaining stable productivity.

Perform visualization of production capacity, and manage the production method according to the optimal production schedule, and pursue cost benefits. Also to meet any sudden production change, visualization system of "What, where, and how many" are in place to offer support production plan.

Products are shipped after safe packing to avoid any damage risk during transport and to maintain product quality.