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About Komatsuseiki Kosakusho

The cornerstone of the precision industry created by the abundant water and clear air of Shinshu Suwa surrounded by mountains.
At the root of Komatsu Seiki Kosakusho's technology is the DNA of precision technology cultivated in the manufacture of wristwatch parts, which is still alive for more than half a century.
From post-war wristwatch parts to automobile engine parts to the present, to new fields.
We will provide high-precision and high-quality products to meet the needs of our customers, with a firm eye on the changing times.

"Fine diagonal hole press working" made possible by precision experience and our own unique construction method.
Ultra-fine cutting for difficult-to-cut materials.
We respond to customer requests with micro technology.

The ultra-fine precision processing technology that has matured over a long period of time is a testament to the tireless efforts and challenges of engineers.
We aim to be a company that continues to evolve by taking on challenges in new fields without fear.


Stainless wire "nanoSUS®" achieves high strength only by "ultra-miniaturization of metal crystals" without changing the material composition.
The proprietary technology enables strength control according to the application.
In addition to increasing strength, it boasts excellent processing stability such as improved bending surface roughness and processing accuracy.
We are focusing on proposing processing using nanoSUS® and expanding into the medical device field.



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