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President’s Message

Komatsu Seiki was founded as a manufacturer of watch parts in 1953. We started with only a few workers as a small factory but with the high economic growth and being in an integrated area for precision manufacturing, the company business was able to expand successfully.

By the mid-1970s, we expanded our business structure to be closer to the upper stream of the assembly process and structured an integrated production system (from tool design to tool assembly).
In the early 1980s, we have added information technology equipment parts to our business portfolio, and also began manufacturing automotive parts in the mid-1980s. With the help of automotive technologies shifting to electronic control, our business expanded and by the early 1990s, we were able to start supplying automotive parts to international customers thus making us a globalized company. We also built a factory in Thailand in 2002 and were able to begin to ride the rough waves of the globalized international economics.

We have never forgotten that the DNA of the wristwatch parts built by the successors almost 70 years ago and polished by those who have followed are the reason why we were able to respond to the various market changes.
We have encountered two critical moments in one being ‘‘maturation’’ of technology and other being ‘‘hollowing’’ due to the foreign shift of business.
The high precision technology required to transmit feeble energy without losing in transition for wrist watch parts was able to contribute greatly also in information technology equipment industry. As well as, being able to increase the demands for the continuously evolving automobile parts industry.
Because of the evolving of the globalization, the market is affected by the world affairs and firm Technical capabilities and the team strength is being tested.
We will keep moving forward from the Suwa area with polished technical capabilities and the team strength that has brought us here.

President takeshi komatsu