Komatsu Seiki Kosakusho

Quality Assurance

100% Visual Checker / Automatic Inspection Machine

We manufacture and ship hundreds of types of mass-produced parts, and guarantee the optimum quality for all products.

100% Visual Checker

We are working to prevent the outflow of defective products by detecting and detecting defects such as contamination with different products and surface scratches on the images using our own 100% image sorter and checking 100% of all products produced.
We propose image processing methods and design specifications that match our customers' products, and construct processes that give top priority to quality, from manufacturing to quality checking to packaging and shipping, in a rational and flexible manner.

Automatic Inspection Machine

We also support 100% inspection of dimensions by an automatic inspection machine as needed according to customer needs. Since dimensional data can be managed for each lot, it is possible to improve quality accuracy and save costs at the same time by incorporating the dimensional check of this automatic inspection machine in addition to 100% image selection.

3D Image

In addition, high-precision inspection using 3D images enables analysis in micron units that is not affected by surface conditions.
We provide quality that meets customer needs by preventing not only defect detection but also over-detection of quality due to the influence of 2D image processing.

Making full use of the abundant know-how of inspection by these image machines, we provide our customers with high quality guarantee and 100% peace of mind.


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