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Since establishment, we have been handling precise component parts and minimal energy required parts. Using wrist watch part manufacturing technology as our DNA to contribute in worldwide market for the preservation of global environment and life-prolonging of fossil fuel

  • Precise piercing (φ0.080mm) / Precision Slanted Piercing (φ0.120mm)
  • Precise Stamping for thin materials up to 8μm thickness.
    ( Stainless, Phosphor Bronze, Beryllium Bronze type)
  • Forging (dimension accuracy ±0.005mm)
  • Drilling of high-grade machinability materials(φ0.185±0.005mm)
  • Compound manufacturing of Cutting + Stamping + Grinding
  • Cutting dimension accuracy ±0.005mm
  • Product manufacturing to sub-assembly
  • Precision Die Design/Fabrication
  • Fabrication of various Die parts and specially ordered parts
  • Manufacturing of inspection gauges